Front Row Experience Takes Back Seat on iPhone

March 11, 2008

A few days after messing about with my new iPod Touch, I discovered there was TV Out capability. I quickly jumped on my bike and rode down to the Apple Store where I picked up the Apple Composite AV Cable and and the Apple Universal Remote Dock. My excitement levels were at all time high as I rode home with my new entertainment center. I could finally recycle my old VCR and DVD player! I was pretty disappointed when I laid back on the couch and tried to Front Row a movie.

Artist Rendering of iPhone running Native Front Row
Artist Rendering of iPhone running Native Front Row

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iPhone and the iSight

March 10, 2008


noSight in sight

I wanted a walkie-talkie wrist watch since I first saw Dick Tracy. Then a few years ago I bought  some cool walkie-talkie watches. They were pretty sweet and came in handy for quick communication at a newspaper I used to work at. Total Recall made me want a video phone soooo bad and I drooled over a prototype I saw at Staples in the early ’90s. It’s 2008!!! … I mean, we have the tech to fake a moon landing, but the iPhone can’t make video calls?

Why doesn’t the iPhone have an iSight?
I’m not sure, but looking at the diminutives of
it at the top of my iMac, and on the macbook air, it should be possible. I mean, how freakin’ dope would it be to video call using Skype, or iChat? Perhaps, the molasses of Edge is what kept it from being introduced in the first place: ATT doesn’t want bandwidth hogs.

iPhone and iSight

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